Media and content companies have enormously valuable video assets that viewers rarely discover and watch, forfeiting opportunities for large ongoing revenues. ShortTok provides automated storytelling technologies that transform rich but underutilized assets into coherent, dynamic and factual visual stories, at scale.

This revolution in content discovery is only now made possible by the recent explosion of advances in artificial intelligence (AI), including video understanding, iterative narrative refinement through large language models, and knowledge integration through graph neural networks. Multimodal AI integrates and further extends these gains, producing a deep and unified knowledge of even the largest video asset library.

ShortTok is leveraging these emergent AI technologies in entirely new ways, creating visual stories that will support your editorial and production teams. These highly novel stories will deeply engage your users with compelling content, creating new and open-ended revenue opportunities.

ShortTok is headquartered in New York, with technical teams in Princeton and Austin, and is establishing an office in Hyderabad, India.